InkTober – Day 31 – Happy Hallowe’en!

October 31, 2019

InkTober, all thirty-onderful days completed!

Today’s drawing: Happy Hallowe’en! From Bugsy, Bones, Princess, Jack and Nate the Suave Swashbuckler…and M-J

InkTober - Day 31 - M-J Kelley Studio - Happy Halloween

And there they are…a gang of misfit trick or treaters! Tonight I had about 40 or so kids come to the door all in various costumes. The Joker and some version of Alice in Wonderland were just here.

As for InkTober, well that was a haul. A great time, but a big task. It is not hard to draw every day, just hard to finish a decent drawing every day and post it on various social media platforms.

As for tomorrow, yes I will be drawing again tomorrow morning. Depending, just depending, perhaps I will post it. We will see.

I look forward to another 31 days of InkTober next year.

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