Low Hanging Fruit

October 23, 2020
InkTober 2020 - Day 23 - Low Hanging Fruit

Who doesn’t like rabbits, eh? They are fun to draw.

I live on the east side of Lake Simcoe, a twenty-five minute walk to the lake. I run down to the lake and back. My run takes me past several farms, mostly planted with hay and soybeans.

But along the side of the road grows wild asparagus. Now that is in the springtime. In the fall, there are lots of apple trees—all sorts of different kinds. I think people throw their apple cores out their car windows, et voila, a tree is born!

When I run by, I look for apples that I can pick. But they have been picked, or rather the ones that I can reach have. I think about driving down and bringing a ladder, but I never do. And this is a thought I often have during this time of year.

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