When Pigs Fly

October 1, 2021
An image of M-J Kelley's drawing of a flying pig and a magnificent lizard.

InkTober 2021. Day 1.

Lizardo is magnificent. A super-sized lizard. The biggest of all of his fifty siblings. Being so big and heavy means he is low to the ground and very slow-moving. Really not much moves him. You see, he is quite lazy. Magnificently so. And this is only matched by his magnificent pessimism.

Only two things move him; the warmth of the sun’s rays and hunger. Today it was hunger. And not just the regular kind, but a craving for his favourite fruit, the elusive Payana. A delicious combo of banana and papaya. Orange in colour with black dots, it hung high in the Payana Palm, making it all the more elusive to the ground dweller.

He sniffed at the air. “Up,” he thought, and so began the longest, slowest climb that he ever made. His sticky-toed hands and feet helped to raise his magnificent self off the ground. He scaled vertically to a summit in the sky where the Payanas grew. Then, with one last heft, he pulled himself up onto the rocks at the base of the palms. And there, staring at him, was a flying pig.

“Well, I’ll be…” said the shocked Lizardo.
“You are magnificent!” said the super-friendly flying pig. “My name is Arnold.”
“Lizardo. I came for the Payanas.”

And with that, Arnold flew to the top of a palm and dropped a few Payanas to Lizardo. The orange fruit was delicious.

“You are not supposed to fly,” he mumbled with a full mouth.
“Says who?”
“Well, everyone…you know, when pigs fly.”
“We spread that rumour so no one would look for us up here. I’m glad you are a vegetarian.”

Imagine, Lizardo, the laziest thorn-tailed lizard and the biggest non-believer of most things, had stumbled upon the secret lair of the flying pig!

“Hmmph! Next thing you know, I’ll be seeing unicorns and dragons!”

“And how exciting that will be!” said the gleeful Arnold flapping his wings and levitating. He winked at his new friend, knowing what was to come.

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