Grumbly and Stinger

October 28, 2021
M-J Kelley's drawing about Grumbly a frog and Stinger a flying insect. A story about tough love.

InkTober 2021. Day 28.

“Would you please stop crying!” said Stinger to Grumbly in an exasperated voice.
Grumbly gurgled a response that made no sense. But he uttered words between his sobs that allowed Stinger to figure out what was causing his friend to be so sad. Words like “vroom, errrk!, squeal!”

“Oh,” said Stinger, “you want to drive race cars?” And with that, Grumbly stopped his crying and nodded without sound. Stinger poked and prodded his friend. It’s what a Beaker does.

“What’s stopping you?”

Beakers are great at nudging you to do something, but they don’t tell you what to do. So Stinger thought hard and then simply said, “well, now you know what you need to do.”

And with that, flew away, leaving Grumbly to ponder the age-old question about money, “make it? or take it?” Take it seemed to be the easier way, but as Grumbly would find out, in the end, taking it involves a lot about a lot of things.

This story will continue…

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