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Artists Where You Least Expect Them

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

By accident I picked up this month’s Harvard Business Review (HBR) (October 2010). It’s not a typical magazine that I read – but a front cover article title caught my eye.

I flipped to the contents section and was immediately caught off guard by a photograph depicting a colourful block assemblage of everyday items. It was indeed an art piece.

In the left side panel, I read “About the Spotlight Artist…Michael Johansson was born in Trollhättan, Sweden.” The description said, “Johansson is intrigued by irregularities and coincidences in daily life and is drawn to combining familiar objects with new or unknown objects. By changing scale and context, ordinary objects become extraordinary.”

Hmm…I paused for a moment, ever the curious and then continued flipping page by page en route to the article I was looking for. Then I stumbled upon another piece of his art work and realized that Mr. Johansson´s work was intended to aid the spotlight article on the Supply Chain – an article I had no interest in reading – that is until I realized the connection with the artist.

His artwork worked really well in tandem with the supply chain article. It was smart, colourful, interesting, and it had an original point of view. I immediately attached all of these elements to the article on the supply chain before I even read it. Nice job HBR.