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Art Conventions

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Today I attended both the Toronto Art Expo and the Toronto Comic Convention. It’s really handy when they are both located in the same massive building. They were wildly different but equally enjoyable.

There were many fine works at the Art Expo. I was particularly drawn to two artists’ works. One of which is Marcel Guldemond. He paints oil on plyboard. He is a former comic book artist whose love of the outdoors shines through his work. The other is Robert P. Roy who is also a landscape artist, but works in acrylic. I was drawn to his work because of his exceptional use of colour. He is able to simplify elements in a landscape yet still provide the viewer with a dynamic scene.

The Toronto Comic Convention also displayed many fine works from comic artists. One of which was Dave Ross who is an exceptional penciller for comics. His attention to detail is remarkable. He frequently teaches at Max The Mutt Animation School in Toronto.