Updated Website

I have spent the last three days rebuilding my website. It was time. Can you see a difference? The corkboard layout perhaps? It’s bigger. It allows for larger images and less scrunchy text. I have also removed a few tags (comic, web) and added a few others (surreal art, teaching, purchase).

I separated my surreal artwork from my fine artwork and have added my comic work to the illustration section. The teaching section used to be in events, but now it has its own home. And purchase? Well, it needed to be added as well, though I have yet to create the layout and write the coding for that. But soon!

The biggest differences you will note are the images. There are more and they’re bigger. The slideshow is built with moo tools and it does an excellent job of rotating from one image to the next. You won’t have to do anything, only sit there. I’ll warn you, it can be quite hypnotic—kind of like watching fish.

Another section that can now breathe is the blog. I didn’t change its layout, only the space size. What you might notice is the change in colours of the font headers and links—red and orange. These seemed to suit the colour of the corkboard the best, though I did toy with a lovely teal for a while before making my final decision.

So give it a spin, and let me know what you think.


One Response to “Updated Website”

  1. Hey, Your new web layout is way cool! I’ve been waiting and waiting to see more new (and not so new) stuff. Sally and Julia must date back to when you were here in KC. I still miss your Saturday drawing and painting sessions. And we all miss you.
    Richard and Dona