Duck Friend

October 10, 2021
M-J Kelley's drawing of a brownie getting their duck friend badge.

InkTober 2021. Day 10.

My two chickens are named Thelma and Louise. It is a bit of a story, but sadly my sweet Louise perished the other day. It just broke my heart.

Chickens become pets and are so much fun and, in some ways, better behaved than my dogs. They are quite delightful to have around when you are digging in the garden (except during spring planting). And are always so glad to see you.

M-J Kelley's chickens, Thelma and Louise
Louise and Thelma

I have waffled about what to do for Thelma. I don’t think it is good if she is alone. Birds are quite social and do best in a “flock.” So I have decided to get her a new friend. And I am going to call her Squash, with the next one being called Pumpkin.

I miss my sweet Louise.

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