I Got This!

October 19, 2020

InkTober 2020 - Day 19 - I Got This

“I got this!”

That’s what we tell ourselves when partaking in InkTober.
It’s a tough haul. It’s not just a drawing done every day. It is then the scanning, resizing and clean up of that drawing, creating naming conventions, writing a blog post, and posting to various online platforms; my blog, Instagram, and Facebook.

So here are the steps:

  • draw the image
  • scan the image
  • clean the image
  • write the naming convention for file saving
  • save the image – five times in various formats and titles
  • write and edit the blog
  • upload the image and post to the blog
  • take another image of that image as a large file for Instagram and modify it a square size requirements and contast
  • create the hashtag requirements for Instagram
  • upload image and post to Instagram
  • Then on to Facebook…write a short post linking to the blog post on my website and upload the image
  • And when I have about six images I write another short post on my personal page with an selected image of the six images from Instagram and offer links back to my blog, Instagram and Facebook page
  • And then repeat daily through the month of October

This is why we tell ourselves, “I got this!” Because it is a task and half! And it is worth all of this effort. And I do it yearly.

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