InkTober 2020 – Day 8 – Wooden Teeth

October 8, 2020
M-J Kelley Studio - InkTober 2020 - Day 8 - Wooden Teeth

It is a rare moment when I use the InkTober Prompt list, but with “Teeth” being a prompt, well, I couldn’t resist.

InkTober 2020 - Prompt List

I have a series of anthropomorphic trees that have lots of different personalities. They are old and wise, and though immovable, they still are progressive.

In some of my earlier work, I embedded wooden boards, screws and ropes into my drawings — just a way of saying that humans are around.

Wooden Teeth has a quirkiness about it — great old tree! I do love winged creatures. And I do know the firefly is a dear friend of that old tree. The lamp is an odd contemporary feature doing the job of the firefly, but not nearly as beautiful or interesting. Again, nature rocks!

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