Sad in Plaid

October 15, 2021
M-J Kelley's drawing of a man dressed in plaid.

InkTober 2021. Day 15.

Galahad had a panache for plaid. Something about the intricately woven patterned squares caught his attention. They were busy, colourful, and unique. He dressed from head to toe in it except for the blue peacoat he wore overtop on cold and rainy days.

Well, one day, Galahad had a lot on his mind —you know, life stuff, and he wasn’t his cheery bright self. While deep in thought, he heard a voice say, “you look sad in plaid.” He didn’t know whose voice that was. But he took it as a mantra as if he had said it. This didn’t improve his mood. In fact, it became a spell that kind of stuck for a long time. He was indeed “sad in plaid.”

He wore his overcoat all the time to cover the plaid. But today it was a hot sunny day and the coat just too much. So absent-mindedly, he removed his jacket, felt the warm breeze and sun on his face. He turned an upward glance to watch a bird fly north.

Then he heard, “my sir, you look smart in the tartan!” Looking up, he saw another man dressed in plaid from head to toe. Big smiles were exchanged, along with the realization that it is important to enjoy what you enjoy.

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