When Bugs are Cute

October 12, 2021
M-J Kelley's drawing of a bug walking on a bear.

Some bugs are cute not just in their appearance but in what they do.

Cute bugs include butterflies, bumblebees, dragonflies, fireflies, daddy long legs, and the queen herself, the precious ladybug.

I am even going to suggest the inchworm because of the way it folds its body in half to propel itself vertically up a near practically invisible string. And it doesn’t do this fast. Instead, it kind of weaves itself back and forth, looking for the string to latch onto. And if there is a wind, forget it. The string and the inchworm float away, and your time marveling at the inchworm has abruptly ended.

We take time to look at the cute ones. We even let them crawl on us. Cute bugs get lots of slack; Mosquitoes do not have a chance. Grubs get yanked and tossed. Ticks and bed bugs — sprayed.

The cuter the bug, the greater chance of survival — even when it walks on a bear.

Image of a Picasso Bug
Picasso Bug
Image of an Adult Spotted Tortoiseshell Beetle
Adult Spotted Tortoiseshell Beetle

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