A Trillium Award Winner

October 28, 2019

This is about my mom.

Today’s drawing: A Trillium Award Winner

InkTober - Day 28 - M-J Kelley Studio - A Trillium Award Winner

My mom is an avid gardener. She just loves plants and they love her. I was visiting her recently and she was showing me how many blooms the Anthurium has. This was not lost on me. I had already noticed.

My mom toiled endlessly in her garden for years and years all for the love of it. So you can imagine her surprise and delight when she was told she was nominated for a “Trillum Award.”

The Trillium Awards program promotes community pride by recognizing residents who, by landscaping and maintaining their property, contribute to a more attractive neighbourhood and community.

And that year she won!

Her love of plants taught me to love plants. It is why I have a big garden and why they feature prominently in my artwork. Thanks mom!

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