After the Party

January 1, 2021
M-J Kelley's drawing of seven birds sleeping after having a New Years Eve party.

I have never been one to “crash on someone’s couch.” That is something that I just wouldn’t do. But I do remember a time back in university when a great bunch of people came to visit and crashed in my living room.

It was Canada Day, perhaps 1987, when high school friends along with my brother and some new friends from school decided to go to the Parliament Buildings for a nationwide celebration. We found ourselves on a good stretch of grass and listened live music. I remember BTO playing “Taking Care of Business.” As a note, I listen to Randy’s Vinyl Tap on CBC on most Saturday nights.

Anyways, after the music there was plenty of fireworks. And then we all headed for my place. It really was a great fun time with a great gathering of people. I have a photo here somewhere. When I find it I will add it to the post.

So that is what the birds are, just a great group of fun time friends resting easily together, til their next party.

Happy New Year to all!!

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