April 16, 2022
Image of Bunnies! A drawing by M-J Kelley

Happy Easter! Ten bunnies, none chocolate, but all fun, squeeze into a family photo. Actually there are eleven bunnies.

When I was a kid, my parents would hide the chocolate bunny in one of two spots. Either behind the couch or in the stereo cabinet. Each year they would rotate their hiding spot. First, I would pretend to look all over so as to extend the “no clue” bunny hunt. Then, ever pleased to discover the chocolate rabbit, I would begin at the tail end and make my way to the solid milk chocolate ears.

Now rabbits have forever been in my life. As a kid, we had a pet rabbit named “Snowball.” He was white with pink eyes. He lived until ten years of age. I loved that rabbit!

When I bought my house here in Brechin, I was greeted by a rabbit that lived on the property. He was very tame and would hang out with me when I was working outside.

Last fall, I had an incident with a rabbit. My blog post, A Rabbit Named is about our meeting and the survival of a rabbit named Hope. It has a happy ending.

Rabbits are super fun to draw. Ears, teeth, eyes, body, tail, feet — all parts. They are fluffy and gentle creatures, and express human emotion really well.

Bunnies! is a drawing about family. And Easter is always a time for that. Enjoy the holiday.

Rest assured, the rabbit drawings will continue…

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