First One To Blink

October 13, 2020
M-J Kelley - InkTober 2020 - Day 13 - First One To Blink

I named the cat Bruiser. He looks like one.

I had a real-life cat named Curly-Joe, and he was a bruiser, but he also had a super soft side to him. But you wouldn’t want to be another cat; he would take you out.

He also would take out the odd human if they were not paying attention to him. He would bite them in the leg. My mom was a victim of his. So she bought pink rubber boots and wore them when at the sink in the kitchen. He didn’t bite her again. My mom’s very smart!

Bruiser’s pattering is cool. It reminds me of gangsta’ banded tattoos. And when juxtaposed with a flower, well, he certainly softens quite a bit. And you know he will blink first.

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