For Spit

December 14, 2019

Our beloved dog Spit, passed away today. She was well into her 17th year. She was ever so lovely. A best friend. A good listener. A kind heart. Fearless.

M-J Kelley Studio - For Spit - December 14 2019

The drawing is about Spit’s gentle sweetness and easy going nature. It is also about her confusion and fear of passing. I wanted to reassure her that she would be going to somewhere beautiful and greeted by love.

I met her when she was 14. I was so very lucky to be able to spend the final years of her life with her.

She was a wonder dog! She was always game to go on the open road and not one to be left behind. She was well-traveled; car, truck, boat, plane, four-wheeler, and snow machine. Her journeys were to fantastic places! She lived for months in the Arctic in the dead of winter and spent her summers on the water in Cape Breton, NS. She also spent the in-between time at our home in central Ontario.

Spit Felix

We love, love, love her, and will miss her forever.

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