In The Shallows

October 22, 2021
M-J Kelley's drawing of In The Shallow, a quadrant on the island of the Knockwood Forest.

InkTober 2021. Day 22.

In the Shallows is a drawing of what to expect when you visit this quadrant of the Knockwood Forest.

As mentioned previously, the Knockwood Forest is an island divided into seven quadrants, each overseen by a Peckuliar.

The Shallow, being one, has its uniqueness in both fauna and flora. It is home to Horseshoe, the very lucky turtle and his good friends, Sasquatch, a water mouse and Sunny, a Sanddab.

It is also home to the Razorback Bickering Clams, and what a noisy bunch of complaining mollusks they are!

In the Shallows, you always feel like you are being watched. This is because of the flowers. They appear to have eyeballs, and their flower heads turn towards you as you walk by, ever watchful. It is a bit unnerving, but it’s a good thing, as you will find out.

This story will continue…

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