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M-J Kelley Studio - InkTober 2020 - Day 2 - Red Bird Yellow Flowers Blue Sky

I was late starting InkTober this year due to some unforeseen circumstances. So to speed things up, I found this drawing in an older sketchbook and finished it.

InkTober is an ink drawing done daily during October. The point of it is to get people drawing regularly. Now I rarely ink, not my strength, but do draw daily – or mostly anyways. But that doesn’t mean I complete my drawings.

I start with a blank page in a sketchbook, and depending on how much time I have, it may or may not, which is usually the case, get finished. So this is an excellent way to revisit older half-finished work, finish it, and write about it.

I struggled with the title of this piece. I thought of calling it “All the World’s a Stage.” But I ended up sticking with my initial title — one that describes primary colours. The title intends for you to colour your view of the bird, flowers and sky.

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