InkTober 2020 – Day 5 – Moon Love

October 5, 2020
M-J Kelley Studio - InkTober 2020 -Day 5 - Moon Love

InkTober 2020 started on a full moon, the harvest moon. So I knew I would add a moon drawing. Anyways, I love this drawing. I am going to turn it into a painting, a big one.

There is a real sweetness to the birds with the playfulness with the moon. The anthropomorphic tree with arms and hands holding up the moon for the birds was a way to have all three be a part of an immediate and shared environment.

I have drawn many moons over the years. The Yellowknife, NWT drawing has a crescent moon in it. And the Wolf Moon drawing is of another full moon.

M-J Kelley - Wolf Moon (pencil)
M-J Kelley – Wolf Moon (pencil)

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