InkTober 2020 – Day 6 – Bog

October 6, 2020
M-J Kelley Studio - InkTober 2020 - Day 6 - Bog

There is an island just north of Whati, NWT called Cranberry Island. It is about a forty-minute boat ride northwest. The island name is suitable because at this time of year it is awash in a sea of red. We went there recently and picked about 80 cups of cranberries in about five hours.

The island is one huge blob of peat — it’s a bog. And wonderful things grow on bogs—lots of soft moss, small conifers and of course, cranberries.

That day, the water was so still. Not a single wave, just a slight roll up and down. It was quiet and lovely. In the shallows, we saw schools of Jack Fish, and in the sky, we saw Eagles. It was a beautiful day.

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