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M-J Kelley Studio - InkTober 2020 - Day 7 - Small Pond Big Splash

Fish are awesome to draw! Their shapes are flexible, and their expressions, especially their eyes, lend themselves to storytelling.

Fishbowl I drew that last year for InkTober 2019. Nice use of negative space to show a small pool of water.

M-J Kelley Studio - InkTober 2019 - Day 9 - Fishbowl

The Wonder of Nature The fish is popping out of a big lake! And this implies that nature itself is wowed by what it sees. So not just a human point of view.

InkTober - Day 30 - M-J Kelley Studio - The Wonder of Nature
The Wonder of Nature

Small Pond, Big Splash, is simply about being who you are, where you are.

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