InkTober – Day 20 – Muriel Hatches a Plan

October 20, 2019

Today’s drawing: Muriel Hatches a Plan

InkTober - Day 20 - M-J Kelley Studio - Muriel Hatches a Plan

This is the second drawing in the series “Muriel.” She is also featured in InkTober – Day 18 – Tired of Hikers

Continuing with that theme, Muriel’s intense dislike of hikers has turned her to the dark side. From a bird of song to a bird of prey. She stopped singing and started scheming. She is taking out the hikers one by one.

There is something so fun about drawing a bird that is “fed up” with the daily parade of people and their garbage and noise. Imagine someone walking through your backyard or sitting in the backseat of your car as you climb in. It is this level of intrusion that she feels, and now she is “squishing out.” Stay tuned, more Muriel to come!

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