InkTober – Day 24 – Keeping Out the Riff Raff

October 24, 2019

This is the third drawing in the series “Muriel.” She is also featured in InkTober – Day 18 – Tired of Hikers and InkTober – Day 20 – Muriel Hatches a Plan

Today’s drawing: Keeping Out the Riff Raff

InkTober - Day 24 - Keep the Riff Raff Out

Picking off the hikers one by one was successful, albeit slow. Muriel needed to ‘stem the tide.’ It was during that epiphany that she embraced the controversial concept of ‘the gated community.’ But as she was soon to learn, not all hikers were hikers. There was a dangerous cell called ‘campers,’ and they came with their own tools.

Within moments Muriel’s gate became kindling for their campfire.

Poor Muriel. She is beside herself. Not sure what to do next. But I am sure there will be a next. Stay tuned!

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