Living Together

January 21, 2021
M-J Kelley's pencil drawing of a group of flowers bunched together.

In the mornings, I get a cup of coffee and open my sketchbook to a blank page. It is a challenge I welcome. Because I draw from my imagination, one never knows what will pop onto the page. However, my drawings seem to (though not always) chronicle my daily thoughts.

Here we are in yet another Covid-19 lockdown. I drew about it during our first lockdown with Keeping Company. It addresses our separation of space while still communicating with those we care for and love.


M-J Kelley's drawing of a duck with large feathers sitting in a box apart from a flower who is also sitting in a box. They are pleasantly keeping company and enjoying each other during their covid-19 lockdown.

Keeping Company

Living Together is also Covid-19 related. It is a visual comment about “living on top of one another.” It seems ok and not ok at the same time. A little bit scrunched in but not completely unpleasant.

Now, I live alone in a somewhat tiny home with two dogs and a chinchilla. My house is a little bigger than 600 square feet. But it has an open concept, so it feels larger than it is. Also, the property is a good size with a large garden; plenty of outdoor space. That makes a difference, even in winter.

There are eight flowers in the drawing. It is for sure that I couldn’t have eight people living here comfortably. But for a little visit, a fun afternoon or a rockin’ dinner party, it would be a lot of fun.

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