My Workload

May 14, 2021

I have been trying to get this drawing finished for a while now. But the title itself is telltale as to why I haven’t.

In addition to being an artist, I own a web services/design business called Three Loud Crows. I basically work every day. I have pages of “to-do” lists and sometimes feel the pressure of projects and responsibilities bearing down on me. So “My Workload” is both a self-portrait and auto-biographical.

As I have mentioned in other posts, I draw from my imagination. Each morning I start with a blank piece of paper, a sharp pencil and a big eraser. So I really don’t know what will come to me or appear on the page. I just kind of keep working until I see something and then dig in and pull it out.

It’s not very often that I draw myself. But when I do, it offers insight and intention.


Onwards! shows my interest in adventure and the courage needed when moving into the unknown. I am pretty good at taking chances and trusting my abilities to find what I am looking for.

And sometimes I poke fun at myself.

Common Sense is Not a Flower That Grows in Everyone’s Garden

It is rare when a piece about me pops up on the page. I cherish the insight when learning more about me in this way. I find those drawings to be most precious. And I take a great deal of time to work on them.

Every drawing has a tricky spot, something that is so hard to draw. In this drawing, you might think it is the hands or the trunks. But actually, it is the elephant on the left’s ear. I really struggled with that for a bit. And that is because I didn’t want the elephants to be mirror imaged. I wanted them to be different, each with their own personalities.

I draw animals all the time. But rarely elephants. I have never touched an elephant, but I like to think they are kind of squishy, like an underinflated rubber ball with a lot of weight behind it.

This drawing helps me understand that I can’t do it all and just to do my best.

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