Rachel – Quick Sketch

April 26, 2016

This is a quick sketch of Rachel. She was a recent model at the open drawing sessions held by Kawartha Arts Network.

Rachel - quick sketch - M-JKelley 2016

The poses range in time from one minute to 25 minutes. A portrait sketch like this would be closer to the five-minute mark.

I have worked on some long drawings over the years, but really there is nothing more fun or more interesting — even with its flaws — than that of a 5 minute portrait sketch with simple materials, such as newsprint and charcoal.

I’ll tell you what I like about this sketch. From a technical point of view, her nose is dead on. It is straight with a short curve to meet the philtrum. I also like the weight of her left eyebrow and how it helps to frame the eye. More than that, however, is the intensity of her dark gaze, which creates her true likeness as a woman of youth and spirit.

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