Super Flower Blood Moon

October 18, 2021
M-J Kelley's drawing of the Super Flower Blood Moon with a howling wolf and a starstruck bear.

InkTober 2021. Day 18.

On May 26th, 2021, there was a total lunar eclipse called the Super Flower Blood Moon. How could I possibly pass up the chance to draw that moon?

For science’s sake, this lunar eclipse coincided with the moon’s closest approach to Earth, hence a “supermoon” which, when in total eclipse turned the moon reddish. This is how it gets the name “blood moon.” Also, May’s moon is known as the Flower Moon because of the spring flowers.

I wanted to make the moon “flowery,” but it kind of looks like a sun. Trust me, though; it is supposed to be a moon. I love drawing moons, wolves, and bears, so it’s the perfect combination.

I do have another moon drawing on its way for InkTober 2021, and that is for Hallowe’en. But while you are waiting, here are a few other ones that I have drawn.

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