The McGregor Factor

October 3, 2019

A blank piece of paper can be daunting. So what I do is add a few lines and see where my imagination takes me. It took me to a rabbit hiding in the brush, away from a man.

Today’s drawing: The McGregor Factor

M-J Kelley Studio -InkTober - Oct 3 2019 - The McGregor Factor

That man is Mr. Michael McGregor. Does that ring a bell? If would if you were a Beatrix Potter fan. I’m a Beatrix Potter fan. My grandmother gave me not one, but two sets of the entire book collection, the ceramic figurines, again sometimes in duplicate and a set of Christmas tree ornaments which I gave away to a young girl. But I still have the original books and figurines. I am not one to keep a lot of stuff so that in and of itself should indicate my fondness of them.

The story is The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Mr. McGregor doesn’t like rabbits in his vegetable garden; he prefers them in a pie. He is the villain! Myself, I have a soft spot for Peter so you can bet in my drawing, he gets away!

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