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M-J Kelley's cartoon drawing of a small frog named Jack wondering if his large bouquet of flowers is "too much?"

Too Much?

This is Jack. The ever-hopeful, well-wishing, big-hearted frog of Knockwood Forest.

Jack is still searching for his Princess. He is well versed in the fable; one smooch and “poof,” a prince albeit a human prince.

Quite frankly, Jack doesn’t want to be a human, but he does want to be in love. He believes it can happen if he just keeps looking.

Being born into the ephemeral environment of vernal pools keeps him on the move. He stays only as long as the water is deep. Wanderlust in his blood; always searching, always looking for better ways to improve himself, always looking for his steadfast love, his Princess.

Jack is a non-descript “Spring Peeper” about the size of a postage stamp and weighing about as much. Through practically invisible, this does have its advantages, i.e., evading predators.


M-J Kelley's cartoon drawing of a frog with Wallflower superpowers.


Activate Super Power – Wallflower

Still being small, plain and sporting translucent green skin does not help him in his quest for true love. He has to up his game. Big flowers! Too much? Though not wishing to appear overeager, he continues on his quest with the massive bouquet in hand.