Dogfly and Cannonball

October 5, 2021
M-J Kelley's drawing of high-diving Pelican and a low-flying dogfly having fun in the water.

InkTober 2021. Day 5.

Dogfly and Cannonball are the best of friends. Together they create the winds and waves for the Knockwood Forest.

Dogfly, a low-flying, water-skimming insect, buzzes out to sniff at the yellow flowers that cling to barren rocky outcrops in the middle of the lake. His wings, constant in motion, stir the air. The rapidity of his fluttering wings varies and with it so do the winds that blow upon the forest. Some days it is a gentle offshore breeze, and other times, it’s a gale-force.

Cannonball delights in “splashdowns.” Either leaping from the top of the rocky outcrop or simply a high-flying dive bomb of vertical descent, he is the one who creates the ripples in the shallows or the cresting waves for surfing.

Dogfly and Cannonball are inseparable friends, as are the winds and the waves.

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