Double Rare Day

October 7, 2021
Duncan's horoscope leads him to an abandoned egg that others are looking for.

InkTober 2021. Day 7.

Duncan had a double rare day. It all started when he read his horoscope. Truthfully, he reads all twelve daily horoscopes and picks the one he likes the best. This was the only option as he didn’t know when he was born.

No one told him because no one was around. He just remembers waking up and being hungry. But more on that later. So Duncan didn’t get birthday gifts, pony rides, pin-the-tales, cake or a pinata. He would have loved all of that because he is full of fun and joy. He likes parties, jokes, quirky faces and colourful clothes — though he has none.

Anyways, the horoscope he chose for the day said, “Today is going to be a double rare day!” And so he set about wondering what that could possibly mean. So off he went on his usual rounds, checking under leaves and in the bush for something to eat. Then, finally, he came to a large tree that contained many berries. But they were, as precious fruit often is, all at the top. So he had to climb, and on his ascent, he found a nest and in the nest was this very large egg. It was powder blue.

He didn’t want to disturb the egg, so he just kept climbing until he got to the berries, had his fill, climbed down, only stopping to look a the egg and continued on his route. After completing the circuit, he wandered back to the tree with the egg and wondered, “who’s egg, was it? How did it get there?” So he decided to sit and wait. Hours passed, and still no one, just him and the egg.

The morning turned into afternoon and then to early evening, and the temperature right along with it. And so, Duncan decided that the egg was abandoned, just like he had been. So, he climbed up the tree, and with great care, took the egg from the nest. On his walk home, he realized that he really did have a double rare day. For one thing, he found this very wonderful egg. And the second was that he had become a parent. And he had always wanted to be a parent. He would take such great care of this egg!

Truth be told, Duncan was born under the astrological sign of Cancer. Indeed a nurturing sign. His real horoscope for the day was, “don’t take what isn’t yours.”

The “double rare day” horoscope was proposed for those born under the sign of Aries. And that horoscope belonged to none other than the very horrible Gretchen Wretched. She was to have a double rare day. And she was on the hunt for a dinosaur egg.

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