Horseshoe, the Very Lucky Turtle

October 14, 2021
M-J Kelley's drawing of a very lucky turtle, a sanddab named Sunny, a mouse named Sasquatch, and the Razorback Bickering Clams.

InkTober 2021. Day 14.

Horseshoe is a very lucky turtle simply because he is a turtle, and he believes in both.

Turtles are lucky by their very nature. They knowingly cross busy roadways without nary a glance to the side. They race up-start rabbits and win, and they are even known to swim in shark-infested waters. So when you take all of that into consideration, you got to figure they are simply lucky. But wait, there is more; belief—no point in being lucky if you don’t believe it. And Horseshoe has that winning one, two combination.

So when a rogue wave came by and hoisted Sunny on its crest, Horseshoe merely waited for the call. And it came, “H-o-r-s-e-s-h-o-e! H-E-L-P!” And upon hearing his friend in distress, Horseshoe uttered the words, “Good luck!” And with that, the rogue wave settled, plunking Sunny back into the waters, Sasquatch was presented with the world’s most perfect strawberry, and flowers for miles around bloomed with unusual variegated patterns.

All of that is quite remarkable until you realize with amazement that the Razorback Bickering Clams stopped their endless chatter of complaints and started to hum as pleasantly as a practiced choir.

And that is the power of Horseshoe. Wishing from the heart is a most powerful tool.

This story will continue but rub (click on) Horseshoe for a little luck while you are waiting.

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