September 25, 2022
M-J Kelley's drawing of The Rabbit Hatters. A group of Common Insects that don knitted rabbit hats so as to look cute and survive longer.


One word, loudly mumbled by the short-haired white rabbit sitting atop a locust leaf.

The overhead flying insect was the target. And that overhead flying insect was a “Rabbit Hatter.”

A second pronounced grumble came from the rabbit: same word, same substandard spelling. He emphasized his armchair insult with a “chuff” sound, and a head turned in disgust.

“Impostors, you mean,” thought Arlin. It wasn’t like she hadn’t heard it before. Ignorance troubled her.

She flitted back to the nest and rested in the company of other Rabbit Hatters.

You see, a Rabbit Hatter wasn’t always a Rabbit Hatter. They were once called The Common Insect. That was their name. The problem was they were treated as such; swatted, squashed, smushed, and squished. It broke Momma Common’s heart. But she read the article “When Bugs are Cute” and all that changed.

She was determined to “cutify” her precious darlings. She searched for the cutest forest animals. There were so many! But none as soft and cuddly as the fluffy lob-eared white rabbit. And so she set to her task of knitting 12,051 rabbit-eared hats for her children, hence changing their name and their survival rate.

Needless to say the white rabbits were not happy about this. But such is life in the Knockwood Forest.

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