Invasive Species

October 4, 2021
M-J Kelley's Image of a firefly investigating an invasive species.

InkTober 2021. Day 4.

This is a Flamly. And a Flamly is a group of fireflies or a family of fireflies. If you say “firefly family” really quickly, you get Flamly.

Their ability to light up the night sky has all creatures in the Knockwood Forest mesmerized to much the same effect as does a low-hanging full moon. It just is magical.

But what do Flamlies do during the day? Well, in addition to their nightly duties, they also are botanical experts, and they know every single plant species and genus in the forest. And this is important; otherwise, plants would go missing, and no one wants that. Diversity is key to the survival of this forest.

Now to be specific, this is Fred Flamly. He knows his plants. And today, he discovered something that didn’t smell like a plant; didn’t feel like a plant; didn’t sway in the wind and kind of let out a small crackle sound from time to time. Upon deeper inspection, he found small-ish writing on the underside of a leaf that said: “manufactured in the country of origin.”

“Ah,” said Fred slowly, as it occurred to him, “this is an invasive species.”

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