The Peckuliars

October 19, 2021
M-J Kelley's drawing of The Peckuliars. A group of seven black birds each in charge of a Knockwood Forest quadrant.

The Knockwood Forest is an island that is accessible by either the footbridge or canoe.

M-J Kelley's drawing of a bridge that is a Maple leaf. Graphite.
Maple Bridge
M-J Kelley's drawing of a canoe hoisted up on dry land. Graphite.

Because of the forest’s size and diversity, a group of seven blackbirds, all related, decided that it needed to be “overseen.” So they divided the island into quadrants. They are named; The Clifts, North Wind, Pebble Beach, The Shallows, Rocky Shore, Southern Dale, and Grotto. These seven birds are called the Peckuliars, and each one is in charge of a quadrant.

The island is shaped like a squashed oval, and in the middle is a large old tree ring. The ring is divided into seven “pies,” and at the outer edge sits a Peckuliar. This is called the “Decision Circle.”

Using squalkie-talkies, the Peckuliars learn of issues in their quadrants and discuss amongst themselves, prioritizing where to send help.

For instance, in The Shallows, there was a sighting of a dangerous rogue wave. Fortunately, Horseshoe took care of the issue.

M-J Kelley's drawing of a very lucky turtle, a sanddab named Sunny, a mouse named Sasquatch, and the Razorback Bickering Clams.
Horseshoe, the Very Lucky Turtle

But today, there is word of two disturbances. In Grotto, a dinosaur egg is missing. And in the North Wind, Gretchen Wretched is on the move.

M-J Kelley's drawing of a dragon. Duncan's horoscope leads him to an abandoned egg that others are looking for.
Double Rare Day

These are two very big problems but what the Peckuliars don’t know is that it is really just one super huge problem. Their decision is to first find the egg.

This story will continue…

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