figurative drawing

Drawing: Head in Hands

Head in Hands (charcoal) by M-J Kelley 2013 I draw a lot of hands. I like the complexity and individuality of them. And you either get them right, or you don't. Hands are best drawn when you understand their underlying anatomy. I start a hand drawing with very light...

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Alphabet Action Pose

Letter C - M-J Kelley (charcoal) Quick action poses just speak for themselves; energy, grace, motion. The one I have included here, I just love. I call it the "Letter C" because it simply looks like that. This only encourages me to ask the models to pose for the whole...

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The Magical Dance of Quick Sketches

Portrait of Emily by M-J Kelley 2012 (quick sketch/charcoal on kraft paper) Every figurative drawing session that I have ever attended begins with quick sketches of the model. They range from 30 second to 3 minute sketches. For some, I think it’s a bit like an athlete...

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Figure Drawing with Charcoal and Pastel

Figure drawing was the basis of my art training and continues today as a way of keeping my skills sharp. It also happens to be my most favourite thing to do. Both images are of the same model - Emily. I always bring with me a few sheets of smooth newsprint and a few...

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