Big Flower Mix

May 20, 2022
M-J Kelley's drawing of Genevieve and her huge jungle of flowers.

Genevieve was in abject denial of her middle-agedness.

“No matter,” she would say as she quickly fumbled unsuccessfully for her eye-wear. Her inability to read the small print was bothersome, but “what could come of it?!”

Sure there were words like “caution,” “read this,” “important!” and “hot!” Her familiarity, combined with a quick squint, could usually sort those out.

But what finally tripped her up was the polysemous word “big.” One three-letter word on an ordinary flower package. She hadn’t even bothered to squint. The very small print read; “a vertical display of supersized colourful flowers, sure to add flare to your summertime joy!” Instead, she just opened the packet and happily sprinkled the seeds on the newly dug soil.

The seeds sprouted quickly, and then they grew and grew and grew! First, the flowers were “dinner plates,” then “car tires” and finally “truck tires!”

Albeit surprised, Genevieve was delighted. “No matter!” as she wrapped herself in her beautiful jungle of foliage.

It’s that time of year. Plant sales, auctions, seed packs, starter trays, soil by the yard, promises of beauty, fresh veggies and daily delights of surprise and joy. I love this time of year!

I have a massive veggie garden and great hope for the flower beds this year! So yes, this is the year. I already have a bunch of veggies planted; onions, potatoes, garlic, greens, and peas. And hoping to get the hot weather crop in this weekend.

But first I must go to a plant sale! So dangerous!

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